Our Training Process

Security has become an essential part of today’s era. Thus, a security guard is an armed/unarmed person who ensures property security ranging from criminal activities to human life to physical possessions. As they are employed to ensure safety, they are given rigorous training so that they can fullfil their responsibilities. Our company strictly follows the general requirements procedures (based on international standards) and strict interview procedures to recruit one of the best and most skilled personnel in the industry.

The pattern of recruitment are as follows –

-Age: The candidate should be at least 21 years old and the maximum age of 40 years.

-Height: We only select candidates who are minimum of 5’7 “or more.

-Eyesight: Eyesight should be 6 X 6.

-Physique: The candidate should be in excellent physical shape.

Education: The candidate should have a minimum matriculation certificate. Also, the applicant must have the ability to read, write, and speak English or language, which is compatible with the duties assigned to him/her.

-Social History: We duly check the background of the candidate whether the person has a clean record and is free from any job-related offense. Any hooliganism discovered during the conduct of the search should also be considered relevant to the qualification of the candidate.

-Excellence: We like applications that have some experience in this security industry.